About Us | Feeet

Feeet are not just cool socks they are socks made from the best yarns that you can put into a modern day outdoor walking sock.

 We know because we have tried them and we can vouch for everything in our Range.

We are a team of adventure lovers that really put our equipment and

clothes to the test.

Feeet was born in July 2019 when Russ and Lee decided to start a sock brand for

people just like them. After a few months of talking about different types of

resilient socks, the lads finally took the first steps into creating the worlds newest

and most awesome sock brand... and soon after, Feeet was born.

Things got real when in December 2019, with a truck full of socks and a car full

of passion, Lee and Russ took a road-trip to the Great British Lakes to showcase

their amazing socks.

Join us on our journey and grab a reliable and comfy pair of Feeet for your next

free-spirited adventure!


are Good!