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Corona Virus Statement from Feeet.

No one would have believed

in the early years of the 21st century

that human affairs were being watched

by virus's that inhabited the timeless worlds of Earth.

No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized

as virus's with a microscopic spreadable element

that swarm and multiply in a drop of water or air.

Few men even considered the possibility of a virus in other countries

and yet, across the gulf of Earth

minds immeasurably superior to ours

regarded this Earth with envious eyes,

and slowly and surely

they drew their plans against us.

Now back to reality,

We are all in very uncertain times and one thing is for sure, (maybe) that when all this is over we will all fight hard to get things back to somewhere near normal. It may be a new normal but life will continue.

It seems that as much as we planned to launch Feeet in November and actually missed the Christmas period and still we survived, Making amazing steps to get the amazing customers that we needed, none of us was prepared for this.

However. we will still be here at the end of the coronavirus and we will continue to give you all as much support as we can to ensure that you are selling through our products and making to money that you all need to bounce back!

In the meantime, Stay Safe! Distance! and do not give up!

Prepare now while you are all in lockdown for the huge fight that we all going to have to get your families and you business back to full fitness after all this is over.

We may never be the same again! So let us all be even better!



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Thai Tastic
Thai Tastic
Apr 01, 2021


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